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Matthias Auf der Mauer



Matthias Auf der Mauer

Matthias founded AiSight in July 2018. As CEO, he's built a team oriented around making unlimited machine uptime a reality. With his leadership, AiSight has developed cutting-edge technology capable of predicting machine breakdowns, and delivered this solution in markets across Europe. AiSight continues to update and enhance their product, and are presently launching in the US.

Matthias's background is in mechanical engineering; he holds a master's degree in the field from @ETH Zurich, with time at @UC Berkley. While in California, Matthias joined Clarity, a Berkley-based startup that develops air-quality sensors, as a hardware engineer. Two years later, he joined the @Porsche Digital Lab in Berlin, where he held positions as Lab Scientist IoT & Topic Owner IoT.

His time at Porsche Digital Lab led Matthias to recognize that maintenance strategies still faced significant challenges. His experience with sensors and the Internet of Things led him to the solution:


Unlimited machine uptime – the AI advantage in machine monitoring

This session provides a valuable contribution to the AI Manufacturing conference, addressing some of the most urgent topics of our time, including AI, productivity, and operating costs.

Maintenance professionals, manufacturers, engineers, and anyone else interested in the implementation of AI in manufacturing, will learn how data analysis and forecasting work within an AI-assisted predictive maintenance solution to prevent unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs. This draws from real-world examples of the solution in use on rotating equipment in multiple industries.

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