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Roni Tidhar

Israel Airports Authority

Head of Innovations & Int'l Consulting Services

Israel Airports Authority

Israel Airports Authority's Leading Role in Physical and Cyber Security for Critical National Infrastructure

Israel Airports Authority (e.g; IAA) operates two International & three Domestic Airports, Air-Traffic Control Services in 2 ACC's & 5 ATC's, and five International Land Border Crossings. For all those facilities, the IAA developed a large and robust physical and cyber security array, considered by many, as a global leader of its kind.

As a critical national infrastructure (CNI), we are regulated by top governmental entities. We face a high volume of constant attacks across various vectors from diverse actors. Through these experiences, we have gained significant expertise in mitigating threats and developing comprehensive layers of defense.

Our in-house cyber services include two Cyber Security Operation Centers. One for IAA's needs and the other as sectorial MSSP for Ministry of Transportation – securing all Airlines, Land Transportation, Maritime, Road Infrastructure and Traffic Management.

Above all that 'classic' routine, we have also the experience of guaranteeing smooth operational continuity even in times of extreme distress like war times (last 5 months here are the recent example).  

This presentation will explore the IAA cyber program along with

  • The IAA model

  • Recent events / experience

  • Combination of IT/OT Cyber Security

  • Crisis Management

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