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Chris Kuntz | VP of Strategic Operations | Augmentir

Chris Kuntz is Vice President of Strategic Operations for Augmentir (the world’s only provider of AI-based connected worker software). Chris is an experienced marketing executive and entrepreneur with a background of over a decade in enterprise software and high-tech marketing. He frequently speaks about #ai, #innovation, #futureofwork, #connectedworker, and #digitaltransfomation. Chris holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science from Binghamton University. 


Using AI To Unlock the True Potential of Today’s Workforce

Today’s manufacturing landscape is a dynamic mix of workforce challenges (including those brought on by Covid and the Great Resignation) and innovative solutions –many of which are powered by AI technology. This session will begin with a look at some dynamics in the manufacturing landscape and then focus on ways that technology (such as AI and connected worker solutions that recognize the variability in today’s workforce) are empowering workers by giving them tools and resources that will set them up for success.

Session attendees will learn:

  • Two keys to a highly effective, cross-functioning workforce, and why the least connected set of workers is often the most critical

  • Top trends and key challenges in today’s workforce including the impact of rapid turnover and the importance of data-driven decisions

  • How hybrid work is impacting the manufacturing workforce and ways that AI can help employee engagement challenges  

  • How today’s workforce dynamics are forcing manufacturers to rethink hiring, training and reskilling and the lessons learned through this shift

  • The transformation of today’s workforce with AI & connected worker tools

This session is ideal for attendees who want to learn about increasing productivity and decreasing downtime including those responsible for operations, quality maintenance, COI, safety and EHS.

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