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Aseet Patel Patent Attorney and Shareholder Banner Witcoff  Ltd.

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Aseet Patel is a patent attorney and intellectual property strategist, and previously a U.S. Patent Examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He specializes in building and managing strategic patent portfolios and guiding companies’ patent programs. Aseet has experience with utility and design patent prosecution, IP counseling, and patent litigation matters for a wide range of industries.


Aseet often collaborates with engineering and product management executives to help them identify innovations and to develop an appropriate protection strategy, considering their long-term business goals.  He is relied upon by the c-suite to provide insights into risk management, acquisition strategies, and IP related issues that arise in the course of business operations.


Aseet frequently writes, teaches, and speaks about the protection and enforcement of inventions involving the Internet of Things (IoT), industrial Internet of Things, augmented reality (AR/VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and digital health/medical devices. 


Using Patents to Bolster Competitive Advantage of Your AI Inventions in Manufacturing

Attendees will learn several best practices for how to strategically patent innovations arising from AI in manufacturing technologies, including industrial Internet of Things (iIoT), digital twins, and software patents.  Your intellectual property (IP) strategy can bolster your competitive advantage—whether your invention relates to applied AI to improve a product being manufactured, improving IoT cybersecurity of a connected smart factory, or a machine learning model that is trained on proprietary diagnostic data to predict maintenance troubles.  Moreover, building a strong IP framework for your manufacturing technologies is critical to avoiding landmines in the patent landscape.  Manufacturing companies can face attacks from numerous directions when integrating AI and software/IoT technologies into their facilities.  This session will also explain ways to minimize the risk of a patent lawsuit.  Attends will learn a holistic framework to implement an IP strategy from both offensive and defensive positions.  

Attendees will also learn to:

  • allocate a limited, legal budget to more efficiently secure patents for AI manufacturing innovations;

  • identify what aspects of your manufacturing innovations are viable for patent protection; and

  • use an interdisciplinary approach with proper division of labor/expertise to select the best IP to protect.

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