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Dr. Torsten Becker | Managing Director
 | BESTGroup Consulting

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Dr Torsten Becker has worked in IT projects for Supply Chain for the past 30 years. He has helped companies to significantly improve their supply chain performance by using ERP and SCM planning systeme or other digital solutions. In the last year, his focus has been on optimizing the supply chain with AI based tools in different industries. He studied Operations Management at Aachen University of Technology, has been a plant manager in the Daimler-Benz group of companies, has worked as a partner in a globel Operation Management consultancy with a focus on supply chain. Since 2003, he is the managing director of BESTgroup Consulting and is teaching digital supply chain solutions to supply chain students at SRH in Berlin, Germany.


Improving planning and scheduling with artificial intelligence

Many companies struggle with production planning and scheduling. Many companies cannot generate the production schedules in their IT systems. ERP system or manufacturing execution systems fali. Many companies still use Excel spreadsheets for planning the production in the near term. This solution is based on manual work and the knowledge of production foremen. 

New artificial intelligence tools have now been integrated into many different systems to optimize. The key solutions and technologies will be introduced shortly. Based on the introduction of key capabilities of these new solutions, the focus is on the appraoch to implement these solutions. How can these solutions be selected and tested to ensure that the problems can be solved. How can production benefit from this solution and how can all employees convnced that the new solution will work.

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