How and When Can Manufacturers Go Wireless?

Patrick Grossetete, Cisco


Most manufacturers today are operating factory floors with largely hard-wired equipment. Ripping and replacing to move to wireless would be a tough case to make, particularly when today’s wired technology is largely not compatible with legacy wireless capabilities, much less Wi-Fi 6 and/or 5G. As a result, adopting Wi-Fi 6 and 5G is not on the priority list for many manufacturers. And yet, the benefits are hard to ignore. Volkswagen has already announced that it will run its own 5G network in its factory – enabling it to begin deploying the time-sensitive networking solutions necessary for industrial automation and control systems.

This session will show manufacturers how to:

  • Deploy a multi-access environment – one combining 5G and Wi-Fi 6

  • Ensure that your network investments are safe and future-ready

  • Unlock greater value along the way as you move towards 5G