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Lena Maria Ludwig | Project Manager for International Investment & Expansion | Bavarian U.S. Offices

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Born in Germany, my passion and expertise in economics, cultures, and new technologies has enabled me to be a bridge for strategic go-to-market initiatives, business investment and expansion across the Atlantic in emerging fields such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI, and smart cities. I have also led and organized events like the 2020 Urban Air Mobility Conference and the Sustainable Future Forum 2021 to promote U.S. and European industry exchange.


Fritz-Ulli Pieper  | Salary Partner | Taylor Wessing 

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Taylor Wessing is a leading full-service tech and life sciences law firm with 29 offices worldwide and a center of gravity in Europe. With a team drawn from the UK and Germany with extensive experience across M&A, international expansion, commercial arrangements and data protection & privacy, we offer advice to some of the largest international (tech) corporations. Additionally, each year, we assist between 50 to 75 North American growth companies on their global expansion plans.

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Ulrich Koehler | Vice President Service | König & Bauer 

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Challenges for AI and advanced technology manufacturers in Europe


The EU-wide AI Act (AIA) will not only have a significant impact on the AI manufacturing industries in Europe, but also globally. What are the repercussions for US companies? 


Our experts from Taylor Wessing, Koenig & Bauer, and the Bavarian U.S. Offices will dive into the latest manufacturing trends in Europe and Germany. Our goal is to spark a discussion on how the digitization of traditional manufacturers affects modern customer requests, cybersecurity risks in Industry 4.0, and the non-compliance risks in the context of equipment and customer performance analysis of large data sets.

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