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Ron Norris | Director Operations Innovation | Georgia Pacific

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Ron helps others transform the way work happens. He is a results-driven leader and a frequently requested speaker in forums around the world. He has vast experience in leading high-performance cross-functional (customer, product, operational) teams, organizational transformation, and applying technology to reduce variability and increase reliability.

He is recognized for his leadership strength, opportunity-focused innovation, and his talent in translating difficult concepts into easy-to-understand pathways.

Before joining Georgia-Pacific, Ron spent what seems like a lifetime establishing a proven track record of innovation, change management, and creating new processes and new products with some of the largest companies in the USA.


A Brief Case Study: Enabling Digital Cognition to Survive in a World of Exponential Data

It’s not just biology vs. digital. It’s your digital intelligence vs. your competitor’s digital intelligence. When we consider that data is projected to grow exponentially over the next few years, how we make decisions while creating knowledge and value at the rate that data grows is becoming the next hurdle for business survival. Developing new dashboards may feel like transformation, but dashboards still require someone to interpret and then act on the data being analyzed… and that is done at the speed of biology. As soon as tomorrow, the strategic advantage will include the ability to make objective decisions based on the shared knowledge and collective intelligence of the entire enterprise – at speeds and accuracies that are orders of magnitudes higher than anything previously possible.

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