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Breakthroughs in Leveraging Machine Learning to Reduce Supply Chain Costs

Rob Allan, Program Director, IBM Synergy


The IBM team will share the latest utilizations of machine learning in supply chains to drive unprecedented cost savings. You will hear a detailed description of the advances in machine learning technology as well as a vision for where IBM sees the technology evolving over the next 10 years. We will share three case studies in the spaces of Consumer Product Goods, Telecommunications, and
Logistics where early adopters of machine learning have successfully implemented technology to address challenges in their supply chains. The presentation will include details on what data is utilized, how to identify high impact use cases, models for implementation, and typical pitfalls of technology adoption. This presentation will be useful for any supply chain professionals responsible for identifying
methods to leverage technology to improve challenges in procurement, manufacturing, planning, fulfillment, and logistics.


Rob Allan is Program Director for the IBM Synergy team in the Artificial Intelligence Applications organization. He has led the development of products leveraging machine learning to manage visibility to all aspects of supply chains. The platforms include a comprehensive dashboard using advanced analytics, data integration, and conversational analytics. He has led machine learning engagements for more than 55 customers. Rob has had senior leadership roles in procurement, solution architecture, project deliveries, SAP development and supply chain optimization and strategy. He is a winner of the Franz Edelman award for advanced utilizations of operations research and advanced analytics.