Toward Operational AI in Manufacturing

Andre Yoon, CEO, MakinaRocks


The adoption of AI in the manufacturing sector is accelerating. The pandemic has incited more than 75% of manufacturing companies to integrate digital enables such as the cloud, data analytics, and AI. However, considering the operational challenges of ML, or MLOps (Machine Learning Operations), the incorporation of AI into a company is a difficult task. This presentation focuses on MLOps, a set of practices and frameworks to bring experimental ML into production, in the manufacturing industry. We first introduce the importance of MLOps in the adoption of AI, then explain how such challenges may be overcome by providing solid Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning use-cases.

Andre Yoon is a tech entrepreneur with a strong engineering and science background. Upon graduating from MIT with a Ph.D. in Physics, he joined Samsung Electronics to develop high performance solid-state drives (SSDs) and intelligent storage systems far exceeding conventional storage in performance. Andre's vision of delivering transformative values with machine intelligence has driven him to spend his career defining problems and creating solutions, focusing on the capabilities of data science and machine learning. This led his career towards building software solutions for industrial applications as the Lead Data Scientist at SK Telecom, and founding MakinaRocks.