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AstraZeneca - Accelerating Our Digital Transformation to Meet Patient Demand for Medicines

Gurinder Kaur, VP Global Operations IT, AstraZeneca

At AstraZeneca, Global Operations represents a significant component of our global footprint, with 26 operations sites in 16 countries and more than 14,000 people. Looking ahead, we are focused on delivering accelerated growth for AstraZeneca...Read More


The Road to Digital Transformation

Stephen Mellor, CTO, Industrial Internet Consortium

Connecting industrial plant to the internet enables businesses to transform themselves digitally to create new products and services and to create new business models to monetize their offerings. But this is a road going uphill. Where do you start? How do you address...Read More


Panel Discussion: The Future Work in Manufacturing

Moderated by Konrad Konarski, Chairman, AI Innovation Consortium

Diverse panel of industry and academic experts discuss the future of work in the manufacturing industry. Including the latest advancements in AI , the digital worker and the unavoidable collision of the blue collar workforce and Industry 5.0...Read More


How and When Can Manufacturers Go Wireless?

Patrick Grossetete, Cisco

Most manufacturers today are operating factory floors with largely hard-wired equipment. Ripping and replacing to move to wireless would be a tough case to make, particularly when today’s wired technology is largely not compatible with legacy wireless capabilities...Read More


Breakthroughs in Leveraging Machine Learning to Reduce Supply Chain Costs

Rob Allan, Program Director, IBM Synergy

The IBM team will share the latest utilizations of machine learning in supply chains to drive unprecedented cost savings. You will hear a detailed description of the advances in machine learning technology as well as a vision for where IBM sees the technology evolving...Read More


AI-Driven Manufacturing - The Practitioners' Perspective

Dr. Stefan Hild, Data Science Director, ei3 Corporation

Edward Jump, IIoT Digital Analytics Leader, Milacron

AI holds the promise of increased machine and process performance because a clever algorithm can sift through millions of data points from machines to find those hidden performance hogs. Yet, many in the manufacturing world are still skeptical and scared about AI...Read More


Enabling Predictive Operational Excellence in the Food & Beverage Industry

Dr. Nikunj Mehta, Founder and CEO, Falkonry

Adding predictive to digital twins hold great promise because they bring all of the information the end user needs into one place. But a digital twin that only stores data is just another data lake. By incorporating Operational AI, the digital twin produces actionable insights to predict...Read More


Toward Operational AI in Manufacturing

Andre Yoon, CEO, MakinaRocks

The adoption of AI in the manufacturing sector is accelerating. The pandemic has incited more than 75% of manufacturing companies to integrate digital enables such as the cloud, data analytics, and AI. However, considering the operational challenges of ML, or MLOps (Machine Learning Operations), the incorporation of AI into a company is a difficult task...Read More


Using AI, Machine Vision and Edge Computing for Quality Control

Dave Austin, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation

Manufacturers are embracing Industry 4.0 technologies like AI and machine vision to turn the challenges presented by COVID-19 into opportunities. For example, the manufacturing industry is facing a labor shortage, making it especially difficult to fill specialized roles...Read More

The Future Of AI in Agile Manufacturing: Case Studies in Supply-Chain Level Issue Discovery and Diagnosis

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, CEO, Instrumental

Manufacturing is in a state of upheaval as the optimization priorities of the past decade, which focused on cost and just-in-time processes, are replaced with a need for agility and process control in the face of significant ongoing supply chain disruptions...Read More


Reducing Inspection Errors, Costs, and Risk with Hybrid AI

Jonathan Hou, President, Pleora Technologies

Manufacturers and brand owners navigating through the complexities of AI are left with a few key questions. How can AI reduce errors and automate manual tasks?  Is algorithm training expensive or complicated? Can I keep existing infrastructure and processes? This session will discuss hybrid AI...Read More


Manufacturing Profitability AI

Yen Chang, Founder, MATA Inventive

The year 2021 is an exciting but challenging year in manufacturing. The economy is recovering, yet there is an universal talent shortage and material cost increase. There are certain things you can not do much about, such as the steel price, and there are some other things definitely...Read More


Addressing the Cybersecurity Resource Gap as Manufacturing Embraces New Technology

Don Ward, Senior Vice President, Global Services, Mission Secure

Today’s manufacturing, industrial automation, and process control network environments are increasingly digital and connected. With this digital transformation, the age of air-gapped security is quickly becoming extinct. At the same time, manufacturing environments are exposed to...Read More

AI-Powered, Real-Time Quality Inspection in Mission-Critical Materials Processing Operations

Mike Mohseni, PhD, Founder and President, AutoMetrics Manufacturing Technologies Inc

In mission-critical manufacturing operations such as welding, defects can potentially lead to disasters, therefore, quality inspection is a critical part of these operations. The manufacturing industry adopts various solutions to ensure quality, and intensive post-process inspection...Read More

Panel Discussion: Critical Initiatives in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Manufacturing

Moderated by Michael Skocik, Program Manager, Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute

The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute, the leading national consortium for Robotics and AI, has been working with its 300+ members to identify and prioritize initiatives that make AI/ML more accessible to U.S. Manufacturers. Hear from experts at...Read More


Supply Chain Attacks in the Industrial Network: How to Prevent, Detect, Respond and Recover

Speaker TBA, Claroty

In December 2020, a coordinated attack against supply chains was disclosed that had been
occurring since March 2020. Supply chain attacks like these are difficult to detect because they do not involve vulnerabilities...Read More

Embedding AI to Create a Dynamic Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring Cycle

​Speaker TBA, IFS

Manufacturers are increasingly taking advantage of IoT data for quality inspection and predictive maintenance, but there is value to be found by using AI for automated decisioning throughout the manufacturing process, especially within a single system that can...Read More