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“Artificial Intelligence” to “Real Intelligence”

Artificial Intelligence as a technology has been in our industry for a while, however most enterprises have been sluggish at understanding the value and leveraging the technology. At Yokogawa we strongly believe in ensuring no matter what work humans are meant to perform, it’s safe, secure and most importantly consistent by removing unnecessary variables that impede outcomes.

Yokogawa has been leading the effort of using AI technologies in ensuring we have very robust manufacturing practices using the latest cutting-edge technologies, be it 5G, AI or even IIoT. 

AI powered solutions are designed to ensure the production is not just consistent but also very self-learning to improve the production as the time passes. Yokogawa will present and share the use cases where these technologies have been used and in addition provide value demonstrating how the customer reaps multiple benefits based on these solutions. 

Together Yokogawa and its methodology will ensure we partner with manufacturing companies to optimize and enhance your technology experiences to leverage reduction in costs, improve efficiency, and keep everyone safe.


Karthik Gopalakrishnan


Technical Consultant

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