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Designing, Procuring, and Installing Industry Leading SCADA on Utility Solar PV and ESS Projects

Today's utility-scale solar PV and BESS plants are far bigger than other types of power plants. These projects are spread out across hundreds to thousands of acres of land. SCADA systems can be thought of as the brains of the plant. As such, proper planning, scheduling, communication, designing, procuring components, installation and testing of the system is paramount. This is a joint effort of the developer/owner, owner’s engineer, Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor, and SCADA subcontractor working with the integrator who determines how all the devices will connect and communicate via the network, ensuring security and redundancy.

A centralized SCADA system includes all of the hardware and software provided by the EPC SCADA subcontractor and/or integrator as part of their turnkey scope of work to provide real time, local, remote control, and monitoring of the solar PV and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) plant. The SCADA network physically connects all devices and equipment at the solar PV and BESS plant and power plant control system sits between the solar PV SCADA and the BESS SCADA to allow them to communicate and coordinate with each other safely while not violating Interconnection Agreement, equipment warranties, or Power Purchase Agreement.

Attendees will understand the hardware and software components of SCADA systems for solar PV and BESS projects including the overall scope of work for designing, coordinating, testing, and commissioning these types of SCADA systems.


Mark Christensen


Storage & Execution Engineering

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