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Digital Transformation in the World's Largest Energy Company: strategy and execution

Oil & gas is one of the world’s most critical industries and heading the global energy source with more than 50% share. Yet, the industry has not evolved much throughout the past 100 years and it is still dependent on many outdated techniques. However, with the emerging of Industry 4.0, we have seen some improvement in the processes, equipment and plant operations. However, these improvements have not been as revolutionary as we have seen in other industries.

In this presentation you will be introduced to an end-to-end overview of the digital transformation journey of Saudi Aramco. the world’s largest energy company and it's vision of becoming the world’s leading digitalized energy corporation. The presentation will be divided into 2 main sections:

A. Building an effective digital transformation strategy for Oil & Gas plants:

In this section, the audience will be introduced to an effective 7-step strategy to digitally transform oil & gas plants. The 7-step process will cover areas including but not limited to: Business Needs, culture change, technology map out, and effective technology utilization.

B. The execution of Digital Transformation strategy in oil & gas plants:

In this section, the audience will get familiar with translating their strategy into the field. Starting out with technology piloting, testing, deployment, scale up, and effective technology utilization.


Hussain Ajwah

Saudi Aramco

Digital Transformation Engineer

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