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International Oil & Gas Enterprise Case Study: Transforming Data Complexity into a Unified Namespace with a Secure, and Scalable SCADA Application Framework

An International Oil & Gas Enterprise grappled with numerous in-house business OT applications, necessitating complex firewall paths across company networks from the SCADA/Controls layer edge to the corporate data layer for multiple sites. The goal was to enhance security, simplify this architecture, enable custom flexible front-ends, gain greater data access, and instate business-rule validation on a unified, robust, multi-site capable solution framework.

Goal: Improve security and reduce complexity, while allowing for custom front-ends, and business-rule validation for requested changes – all on a single, proven, multi-site capable solution framework. Edge to enterprise secure data architecture to enable application development while preserving and accessing existing systems.

Solution: Tatsoft FrameworX FactoryStudio – full scope solution. Customizable front end, Smart Multi-Site Gateway, and Customizable Rules Validation Engine. An Industry 4.0 architecture that is open, flexible , and powerful.

Benefit: Expandable/Scalable framework capable of:

  • Enabling Multiple business applications

  • Multi-site communications

  • Utilizes existing Multi-Factor Authentication / Active Directory

  • Providing consistent front-end/back-end for all applications

  • Logging users, requests, and outcomes

  • Supporting non-user interactions (such as batch file updates with full logging and outcome results

  • Unified Namespace with Scripting Support

  • Supports seamless integration with OSISoft PI and Rockwell


Dave Hellyer


VP Business Development

Bob Clark

Industrial Network Systems

Director of Operations

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