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Modernize Your SCADA Without Replacing It

One of the most prominent issues we see facing the digital oilfield is that the industry’s reliance on legacy SCADA systems is holding us back from taking advantage of modern solutions to common operational problems.

Lease operators often receive over 50 alarm notifications in a single day. A large reason for that is due to shortcomings with traditional SCADA alarming. Why are we alarming the same way we did 20 years ago? No one wants to replace their SCADA system.

SCADA Admins & IT often have a multi-quarter backlog of data and application projects. Why are we making users who are capable of self-servicing go through admins to use SCADA data? No one wants to replace their SCADA system.

Our target audience has a current system in place, but due to a variety of constraints, are not able to replace their system. We will show how adding a cloud-based data historian to an existing SCADA system, can quickly enable operators to get more value out of their SCADA data. We’ll demonstrate how operators can significantly reduce alarm notifications by having the ability to define specific complex alarm criteria. We’ll also demonstrate how every end user can have the ability to create their own data screens, graphs, reports and configure their own API calls. End users like engineers, artificial lift techs, and marketers know what data they need and how they need it, they just need a system that was designed to empower their data use.


Samantha McPheter

eLynx Technologies

President & CEO

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