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New hybrid roles Hilcorp has created to help their IT/OT convergence

IT/OT convergence means combining the physical world data of automation with the digital world of information technology. Breaking up information silos by combining IT and OT helps companies significantly boost their performance, productivity, safety, and sustainability. In addition to the technical connection of the two networks, human interaction plays an essential role in IT/OT convergence. Instead of working side by side, IT and OT departments must work together to break down existing silos and develop a changed mindset of employees in IT and OT that enables a company to continuously improve processes, products, and production.

At Hilcorp, one way we are expediting the mindset shift is by developing new hybrid roles that are filled with professionals that have traditional OT skillsets and stronger IT networking skills to more naturally bridge the divide.


Troy Johnson


Alaska SCADA & Automation Manager

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