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On The Edge of Security

With IoT’s vast global economic and societal significance, this timely presentation will explain and answer security concerns for manufacturers, software platforms, and end-users interested in investing with clarity, adapting to the new norm, while consolidating previously disjointed data for insight, automation, AI, and ML.

IoT is a rapidly growing mix of hardware, firmware, and cloud services with vast global economic and societal significance. IoT theoretically brings together what was disjointed to allow for such outcomes as long-term analytical insight via AI and ML based automation. Though these outcomes are in debatable states of maturity; they are on an irreversible course in an intercommunity of hardware and data that are driving a new world.

IoT hardware, by nature, drives small purpose-built telemetry devices that focus on a task. Yet they are often deployed en masse with other IoT hardware (often by many vendors) with cloud services responsible for detailing the end goals of all this data. This has resulted in an untenable mix of problems that traditional I.T. security was not completely prepared for; and bring an onslaught of untrusted network-capable computing devices as part of what was previously a highly curated security expectation.

Target Audience:

Software Partners, Integrators, Electrical Engineers, IT/OT Managers, CIO's, Master System Integrators, System Architects, Analytics Providers, Sustainability Consultants


Michael Skurla

Radix IoT

Chief Product Officer

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