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Elbert van der Bijl

Yokogawa Corporation of America

Director of Solutions Consulting

Karim Pourak


Co-Founder and CEO

Alexander Naidu

Suzlon Energy

Global Head, SCADA & Visualization


Panel: The Intersection of AI & IIoT Technologies in Energy, Water and Oil & Gas

Moderator: Elbert van der Bijl, Director of Solutions Consulting, Yokogawa Corporation of America


Karim, Founder, ProcessMiner

Alexander Naidu, Global Head SCADA & Visualization, Suzlon Energy

This panel session will focus on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies in SCADA & HMI systems. The session will aim to explore the opportunities and challenges of using AI and IIoT technologies in SCADA systems and their potential impact on the industrial sector.

The panelists will discuss how IIoT technologies have enabled the collection and transmission of vast amounts of data in real-time, allowing for better monitoring and control of industrial processes. They will highlight that AI can be used to analyze this data and provide valuable insights that can be used to optimize industrial processes, predict equipment failures, and improve efficiency.

Topics will include challenges associated with implementing AI in SCADA & HMI systems, such as data quality issues, cybersecurity concerns, and the need for specialized skills and knowledge. It is imperative to address these challenges to ensure the safe and effective implementation of AI in SCADA systems.

Additionally, the panelists will discuss the potential impact of AI and IIoT technologies on the workforce. While these technologies have the potential to improve productivity and efficiency, they may also lead to job displacement or changes in job roles. There will be a need for upskilling and reskilling to ensure that the workforce is prepared for the changes brought about by AI and IIoT technologies.

Who Should Attend? SCADA system experts, IT/OT, network architects, industry technology managers, automation engineers, heads of manufacturing, CIO, CTO & CISO

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