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SCADA - The fifth generation

SCADA systems have been designed to integrate real-time information from widely dispersed devices since their inception. SCADA systems have progressed along the same evolutionary path as any computer-based system. Every generation has been defined by the new challenges it needed to address.

Like the digital revolution driving the connected world, fifth-generation SCADA is going to be the largest transition since the adoption of SCADA systems.

Some of the drivers for fifth-generation SCADA are:

  • expanding IIoT devices resulting in orders of magnitude more points of different data formats

  • real-time integration of OT systems with non-OT systems including the cloud

  • Cybersecurity

This presentation will explain the evolution of previous generations' SCADA systems, telling you the characteristics of fifth-generation SCADA, and why you need to be thinking about it today.


Scott Greig

Willowglen Systems

Senior Product Manager

Ian Verhappen

Willowglen Systems

Senior Solution Architect

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