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Zeydy Ortiz, Ph. D.CEO & Chief Data Scientist • DataCrunch Lab, LLC
Rob Montalvo Co-Founders • DataCrunch Lab


Now that you have an idea on the use of artificial intelligence in manufacturing, how do you move forward? Many organizations are deploying AI and deriving measurable benefits from its adoption according to surveys from McKinsey, IDC, and other industry analysts. In manufacturing, the most significant impact is reported as cost savings due to optimizing yield, energy, and throughput. However, starting a new project may introduce risk and uncertainty. How might we mitigate the risk of adopting AI technology?

In this interactive hands-on session we will guide you from idea to roadmap focused on business outcomes. Using the principles from enterprise design thinking, we will collaborate to uncover the needs of your organization and develop an actionable strategy tailored to mitigate the risk of adopting AI. We will start by identifying the unique business challenges that your organization may be facing and the key pain points that need to be resolved.  We will then help translate those challenges into a prioritized use case.  During this session we will discuss the most important question that your feasibility study should address to ensure the success of your AI project. By the end of the session, you will have a customized roadmap to move your project forward and a tool for your innovation initiatives.

Dr. Zeydy Ortiz & Rob Montalvo are founders of DataCrunch Lab. They have been helping teams and organizations transform data into value across many industries. Dr. Ortiz started her career at IBM as a performance engineer building predictive models to inform business strategy.  Mr. Montalvo has deep expertise in the integration of software and hardware with more than 20 years of experience building enterprise-grade software systems.  At DataCrunch Lab, they accelerate adoption of AI and machine learning in the enterprise using the power of open source, commercial sofware and cloud computing resources.  They build an innovative, award winning digital assistant that was recognized as "Highest Potential Value to Manufacturers."


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