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Burak Karaca


Digital Transformation Director

Burak Karaca

Burak is the digital transformation director with 10 years of collaboration experience with different industries, foreign & domestic partners and academies. Beside managing sales and marketing departments in Onka Electrical Materials Co., I lead digital transformation projects from culture to processes, products-services to technologies. In addition to my business career, I continue PhD studies on Electronic Business Management.


Revolutionizing Manufacturing Efficiency: The Power of Predictive Maintenance

The conference panel on Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing will bring together industry experts, researchers, and technology pioneers to discuss the transformative potential of predictive maintenance in optimizing manufacturing processes. The panel will discuss the benefits, challenges, and future prospects of implementing predictive maintenance strategies in the manufacturing sector.

Digital transformation in manufacturing industry: Success from inside out failures

This presentation will consist of uncovering the challenges and solutions as to digitizing the factory. Hear case studies along with mistakes that Onka made through their digitalization journey. These projects will be valuable for the audience as well as elaborating how it ended with success stories.

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