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Why Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has a rich history in manufacturing and industry, particularly in steel production. It was once known as the "Steel City" due to its prominent role in the steel industry. The area provides a unique backdrop for discussions on the evolution of manufacturing and its future.


Pittsburgh utilities serves 2.4 million residence over 5,300 square miles. SCADA and industrial control systems are at the heart of this enormous system.


Pittsburgh has diversified its economy and is now a hub for advanced manufacturing, robotics, technology and automation. The city is home to various research institutions, technology companies and manufacturing facilities. Here attendees have an opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies and advancements in the manufacturing, Industrial Control Systems and next generation SCADA systems.


The city is known for its focus on innovation and research, with institutions like Carnegie Mellon University and the ARM Institute driving advancements in fields such as robotics and automation. The conference will provide a platform for discussions on the latest research and technological developments in these areas.


Pittsburgh's ecosystem offers excellent networking opportunities. Attendees can connect with local businesses, research institutions, and industry leaders. The city's business-friendly environment may attract a diverse range of professionals, fostering collaboration and partnerships.


Pittsburgh provides a unique blend of historical significance, a thriving modern manufacturing landscape, a sprawling utility grid, access to cutting-edge research and numerous networking opportunities. We look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh!


Westin Pittsburgh

1000 Penn Ave,

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

A guaranteed room rate of $209 is reserved for conference attendees who book accommodations by July 19, 2024.

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