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Introduction to Industrial AI


August 13 - 12pm-5pm

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Sponsored by A3

Presented by Kence Anderson, CEO of Composabl

Discover the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the industrial world with the Association for Advancing Automation’s new training course, “Introduction to Industrial AI”.


Mastering Multi-Generational Leadership:

A Workshop for Leaders Ready to Maximize Team Performance & Retain Talent

Presented by Leoni Michael, MA HRM, Best-Selling Author, Maxwell Certified Trainer, Speaker & Coach, Behavioral Analyst

August 13 - 12pm-4pm


In this dynamic 4-hour session, Leoni Michael will delve into essential strategies for navigating the complexities of leading diverse teams, from Boomers to Gen Z. As our workforce evolves, the ability to understand and effectively lead across generations is not just a skill, but a strategic imperative.

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