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Haakon Sullivan

City of Prince George

Electrical Engineering Specialist

Haakon Sullivan

Haakon Sullivan is a Professional Engineer in the role of Electrical Engineering Specialist at the City of Prince George in British Columbia, Canada. The Prince George SCADA team is in the process of replacing obsolete SCADA equipment in the city’s water and wastewater systems. The team is also working on making it easier for operations and management to view the massive amount of data being collected and implementing new technologies such as wireless instrumentation.


Panel: Revamping Legacy SCADA Systems: Approaches and Challenges for Modernization in the 21st Century

Moderator: Mike Skurla, Chief Product Office & Co-Founder, Radix IoT

Reed Wells, Manager of SCADA & System Operation, Flint Energies
Haakon Sullivan, Electrical Engineering Specialist, City of Prince George
Jake Hawkes, Sr. Product Manager, Enterprise SCADA, Aveva

This panel session will focus on modernizing legacy SCADA systems, particularly those designed and implemented in the 19th & 20th century, to meet the demands of the 21st century. The panelists will discuss approaches and challenges for upgrading SCADA systems, including the latest trends and technologies, best practices, and strategies for overcoming obstacles.

As we move into a more connected and digitalized era there are many reasons why companies need to modernize the way they interface with and use their SCADA systems. Examples include, customer satisfaction, regulation, efficiency and safety.

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