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Ian Verhappen

Willowglen Systems

Ian Verhappen

Senior Solution Architect

Ian Verhappen is a Senior Solution Architect at Willowglen Systems, working on developing the company’s leading-edge, SCADA technology - SentientQ. Since the 1980s, he has been involved in all aspects of the automation industry. He is a designated Certified Automation Professional and a Professional Engineer in 3 provinces. He is recognized as an ISA Fellow and a member of the Automation Hall of Fame for his work in the development of industrial field networks.

Ian is actively involved in developing standards, including the Canadian Mirror Committee for ISO JTC 1 SC41 Internet of Things, serving as a member of ISA’s Standards & Practices Board, as well as the Managing Director and Convenor for the development of the Intelligent Device Management Standards. Ian is also an international chairperson of IEC SC65C Industrial networks that oversees all fieldbus protocols.

In addition, Ian is a regular columnist for automation trade journals, a conference presenter on various automation topics, and the co-editor of ISA's Automation Book of Knowledge.


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