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Mark Christensen


Storage & Execution Engineering

Mark Christensen

Mark Christensen has been involved in the renewable solar PV and energy storage system industry for the past four years, with over 14 years combined electrical utility experience encompassing generation, transmission and distribution O&M, EPC procurement, SCADA design, testing and commissioning, plant optimization, asset management, engineering, regulatory compliance, and construction project management.


Designing, Procuring, and Installing Industry Leading SCADA on Utility Solar PV and ESS Projects

Today's utility-scale solar PV and BESS plants are far bigger than other types of power plants. These projects are spread out across hundreds to thousands of acres of land. A centralized SCADA system includes all of the hardware and software provided by the EPC SCADA subcontractor and/or integrator as part of their turnkey scope of work to provide real time, local, remote control, and monitoring of the solar PV and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) plant.

Attendees will understand the hardware and software components of SCADA systems for solar PV and BESS projects including the overall scope of work for designing, coordinating, testing, and commissioning these types of SCADA systems.

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