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Michael De Santis Jr.

City of Round Rock, TX

SCADA Specialist, WWTP

Michael De Santis Jr.

Michael A. De Santis Jr., is a SCADA Specialist with the City of Round Rock, TX. He is an accomplished Coder and Designer and enjoys using his skills to contribute to the ever-growing expansion of Round Rock Wastewater & Water Distribution Systems. While he started working at the Brushy Creek East Regional WWTP 11 years ago in maintenance, he utilized his love for technology and problem solving to shift into SCADA/OT in 2018.


City of Round Rock, Texas Future Proofs IT’s SCADA System: Successes in Modernizing a WTP SCADA and Telemetry System

The City of Round Rock, Texas owns and operates a 52 MGD water treatment facility, located just North of Austin, Texas. The operation centers control over 45 remote sites, including raw water storage, pumping pressure zones, and elevated storage tanks, as well as the treatment facility. The Plant has been expanded over the years with several phases of pretreatment, filtration, chemical feed, and high and low zone pumping systems, and the control system has been added on during each phase, but largely consisted of older Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) processors with multiple remote Input/Output (I/O) racks. Parts for these PLC systems were beginning to become a challenge, and the proprietary architecture meant a single processor failure could affect many processes. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) also was beginning to show its age, and the annual software license costs were becoming prohibitive, and operations staff were longing for a more user-friendly and efficient graphics system that was easier to navigate.

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