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Nitin Gupta


Nitin Gupta

VP Product & Founder

Dr. Nitin Gupta helped found Dori with the vision of enabling the applied AI market with a platform that accelerates the adoption of AI/ML and computer vision applications within the manufacturing and logistics sectors. He has 15+ years of experience leading product and architecture in edge, mobile, and computer vision based systems. Prior to Dori, he led various AI/ML products and computer vision efforts in Google's Daydream team where he launched some of the company's bleeding edge AR/VR headsets. He also led Pebble's firmware/graphics development and commercialized wearable products and smartwatches including the Pebble Time. He started his career at Qualcomm where he drove a number of efforts within QCT to architect, patent and commercialize boot and UEFI software for some of the first Android, iOS, and Windows based smartphones. Dr. Gupta holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Manchester (UK) where he was advised by the co-founder of ARM.


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