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Shameka Lewis


EHS Director

Shameka Lewis

Shameka Lewis is an EHS Professional from Fort Worth, Texas. She has over 8 years’ experience in manufacturing and supply chain services. Her responsibilities include management and implementation of company strategies and initiatives as well as ensuring compliance of regulatory standards and procedures.

Shameka is a graduate safety professional, with an established track record of driving down TRIR, leading project manager on numerous capital projects, developing and delivering safety training and ensuring compliance among vendors and contractors . She has a passion for the overall safety and health of employees and environmental management. She continues to strive for innovative, sustainable solutions and increasing employee engagement within the workplace.

Shameka serves on the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation Board of Directors, on the board for Women in Manufacturing Texas Chapter as Vice Chair and Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Lead, and as a Dallas Independent School District industry partner for CTE. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health and Safety and a Master of Science in Environmental Management.


Panel: Smart Manufacturing Supply Chains: Leveraging AI and ML for Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Moderator: Kevin Kumpf, OT/IT Cybersecurity Strategist, Cyolo

Panelists: Jan de Nijs, LM Fellow for Enterprise Digital Production, Lockheed Martin
Shameka Lewis, EHS Director, Kellogg's
Jenny Stenström, Site Digital & IT Lead, Frederick (MD) Manufacturing Center, AstraZeneca

The pane will explore the latest trends and best practices in using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to optimize manufacturing supply chains. Our panel of experts will discuss the potential benefits of these technologies, including improved efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

During the session, our panelists will share their experiences and insights into implementing AI and ML in manufacturing supply chains, including challenges, success stories, and lessons learned. They will discuss the key considerations for implementing these technologies, including data quality and security, skills and expertise, and collaboration between IT and operations teams.

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