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Vicki Knott


Vicki Knott


Vicki is the CEO and Co-Founder of CruxOCM. Vicki is a well of knowledge when it comes to heavy industry and energy, with a background in chemical engineering and extensive work experience. Starting out in a pulp and paper mill to gauge how things work before engineering solutions, Vicki then moved on to train as a control room operator for a major pipeline company, which led her to soon-to-be co-founder, Roger Shirt. During her time there, analyzing the ways in which control operators worked, Vicki quickly realized the rigid, archaic methods in place could not only be more sustainable but needed to be safer and saw an opportunity to make this process more efficient using automation.

Despite being in a line of work made up of just 15% women, Vicki set out to change the oil and gas industry by bringing diverse perspectives and better, safer standards to the field through automation. As a result, CruxOCM was born to close the loop in heavy industrial control rooms to deliver tools to control room operators that have a meaningful impact on heavy industrial operations. Through its trademarked technology RIPA (robotic industrial process automation),

CruxOCM is future-proofing oil and gas control room operations to run efficiently and safely, achieving a 99% reduction in control room operator workload when applied to oil pipeline gathering systems. This ensures that the front-line people (control room operators) can operate energy sector assets in the safest, most profitable way.


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