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Ken Elias

TekBank Consultants Inc.

Managing Partner

TekBank Consultants Inc.

Achieving Operational Excellence in a SCADA Environment

The operation of SCADA systems is a critical infrastructure component, supporting a number of industries such as transit, railway transportation, building management, roadway systems, and both public and private utilities. The personnel who monitor and operate SCADA need to have an in-depth understanding of the physical environment, operating infrastructure, procedures, communication protocols and the inner workings of the SCADA system itself.

Regardless of the industry, type of operation, or technical platform, one thing SCADA systems have in common is that they operate and monitor various types of heavy equipment remotely through a networked computer system. By the very nature of this situation, any lapses, faults or errors can result in a serious risk of injury or loss of life.  This presentation will address ways to minimize these operational risks, improve operator performance, and provide a smooth, reliable, and consistent way of  handling both normal and emergency operations. 

This session will discuss topics such as:

  • The operational analysis, management and organizational structures, components, environment, qualities, and other factors that contribute toward a consistent, professional, and high-quality SCADA operation.

  • The key components of an efficient, low risk, and well-run SCADA operation.

  • How we have evolved our approach to the point where our clients enjoy a completely worry-free operation.

  • Why our clients chose to outsource SCADA operations in the first place.

  • Some of the hard lessons learned over the course of time.

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