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Jim Diecks

Nozomi Networks

Staff Technical Sales Engineer

Nozomi Networks

Chasing The Last Frontier – True visibility into PLCs!

Purpose-built OT attacks are rare (6-10 from ~2010 depending on how you count them). However, living of the land due to lack of encryption and vulnerable systems has always been a concern. Especially with the availability of toolkits such as Incontroller. The question becomes – how would anyone know if the PLC has been tampered with?

True visibility into the PLC code has not always been easy (e.g., inability to install an agent due to low CPU & memory), or cumbersome to compare code by taking snapshots from the engineering workstation. The past few months have seen some interesting developments (a combination of purpose-built add-ons and AI) in this space that this presentation will cover.

Attendees should attend this session within IT/OT, Engineering, Automation, Cyber Security and SCADA Management.

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