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Josh Gould

Duquesne Light Co.

Director of Innovation and Strategic Planning

Duquesne Light Co.

Duquesne Light’s Modernization Journey

Josh Gould, Duquesne Light’s Director of Innovation & Enterprise Strategic Planning, will discuss the company’s vision of a Clean Energy Future for All and where/how AI and other modernization technologies fit in that journey.

We will discuss the key opportunities where AI and advanced technologies enable a clean energy future, where and how Duquesne Light solicits and evaluates solutions, and both key successes and lessons learned from the company’s innovation and advanced technology journey.

The intent is twofold: 1. For executives running larger, reliability-oriented organizations to understand how and where they might incorporate innovation and strategic risk in a way that supports, and doesn’t endanger, the core business; 2. For innovators, technologists, and startups to understand the incentives and constraints of large reliability-oriented organizations so they can better target where and how they add value.

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