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Jill Marlowe


Digital Transformation Officer


Keynote: NASA's Digital Transformation Journey

NASA has a long history of serving the Nation and the world, by reaching for new heights and revealing the unknown for the benefit of all humankind.

To ensure the agency will deliver on its mission in a hyper-connected, technology-enabled, globally-partnered, and rapidly-changing world, NASA launched a Digital Transformation initiative in late 2020 to modernize the way it works, the experience of its workforce and the agility of its workplace.  At the core of its workplace transformation strategy, NASA is on a journey to leverage smart operational technologies, weaving together IoT, AI, intelligent automation, extended reality, and digital twins to build a network of reliable, adaptable and sustainable “Smart Centers” to execute its mission… on planet Earth and beyond.

Come hear NASA’s digital strategy, the exciting progress being made, lessons learned from their journey, and how the AIMST community can enable NASA and its partners to serve humanity in a digital future.

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