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Salem Karani

Tristar AI


Tristar AI

Manufacturing Operations. Solved

Growing up, our CEO, Salem Karani, spent several years helping operate his family’s plastics manufacturing business. Salem watched his father spend sleepless nights fixing problems at the factory that could either be automated or an alert could be triggered before the issue happened saving his father many hours of labor. This inspired Salem to start Tristar AI with the mission of helping his father and other manufacturing owners save valuable time, money, and labor in their manufacturing operations. At its core at Tristar AI, we believe that computer vision technology has the power to transform the way we interact with machines and equipment giving real-time insights for workers and factory managers. By monitoring human behavior and tracking compliance Tristar AI creates a safer, more efficient workplace and prevents costly mistakes from happening unexpectedly. Our goal is to empower people to work smarter, not harder. Tristar AI’s mission is to help streamline manufacturing operations through our ‘Smart Cameras’ that can perform visual inspection and human action recognition. In addition, our software can be integrated with smart tools and machinery to help track when maintenance is due on a particular assembly line to help prevent a backlog in production. At Tristar AI our goal is to enable plant managers and factory workers with our cutting-edge computer vision technology to ensure flawless quality and maintenance is tracked and compliant.

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