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Susanne Lauda

AGCO Corp.

Director, Global Advanced Manufacturing Technology

AGCO Corp.

Most effective solutions to increase overnight ROI

13 years after Germany pronounced the 4th industrial revolution, almost two thirds of all enterprises are reporting that they are behind with their digital transformation initiatives.

This results in frustration, financial losses, and disinterest by senior management. Was it a bad or premature idea to aspire connectivity, data analytics, human-machine interfaces and advanced technologies all bundled together to significantly improve productivity?

No, the idea was clearly a good one, but unfortunately most manufacturing companies must make the digital transformation while their operations are up and running, basically performing open heart surgery. Very few have the luxury to start with a clean slate. Can we still expect an overnight ROI?

AGCO customers - the farmers - can, because the second they turn on their new, smart equipment, they experience instant cost savings, and as a side effect they are also becoming less invasive to the environment.

But we as a manufacturer have to deal with legacy processes, data and systems that rarely ever can be switched over with the simple push of the button.

It can be taunting to develop a strategy that is realistic and still captures the interest of senior management. Quick wins are key to keeping the support for the digital transformation alive. And that means that we have to slice the elephant, without losing sight of the final state.

In her presentation Susanne will give some examples of how her company achieved some early successes while dealing with the challenges of decades of legacy data and infrastructure.

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