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Haakon Sullivan

City of Prince George

Electrical Engineering Specialist

City of Prince George

Prince George’s SCADA: Where Water and Data Meet

The City of Prince George in northern British Columbia has a population of over 76,000 people spread over 123 square miles. This low population density results in over 400 miles of wastewater pipe and over 340 miles of water pipe to service the widespread population.

Prince George requires a well-functioning SCADA system to both monitor the distribution/collection networks for problems and collect historical data for effective urban planning. This presentation will discuss the challenges this small Canadian city had to face when installing, maintaining, and upgrading a modern SCADA system.

Attendees can expect to take away the following:

  • Understanding some of the challenges in maintaining a SCADA system after the main installation project is complete.

  • How to manage software and hardware obsolescence.

  • Seeing the benefits of modernizing a city SCADA system.

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