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Mastering Multi-Generational Leadership:

A Workshop for Leaders Ready to Maximize Team Performance & Retain Talent

Presented by Leoni Michael, MA HRM, Best-Selling Author, Maxwell Certified Trainer, Speaker & Coach, Behavioral Analyst


August 13 - 12pm-4pm

In this dynamic 4-hour session, Leoni Michael will delve into essential strategies for navigating the complexities of leading diverse teams, from Boomers to Gen Z. As our workforce evolves, the ability to understand and effectively lead across generations is not just a skill, but a strategic imperative.


Key Takeaways:

1. Discover Your Unique Leadership Style: Unleash your personal leadership and communication strengths to inspire and motivate your team members, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

2. Understanding Your Employees: Strengths, Motivations, and Communication Styles.

3. Optimize Team Performance: Gain insights into managing a multi-generational workforce to boost engagement, enhance retention rates, and ultimately increase productivity. Learn practical techniques to align diverse talents towards shared organizational goals.

4. Transition from Manager to Coach: Embrace a coaching mindset over traditional management approaches. Understand the profound impact of empowering your team through mentorship and guidance, avoiding the pitfalls of outdated leadership practices.

5. Proven Strategies from Industry Expertise: Benefit from Leoni Michael's extensive background as a former global Learning & Development Director. Her insights are grounded in research and refined through successfully coaching numerous managers to executive leadership positions.

Leoni Michael brings a wealth of experience as a Ph.D. Candidate in I/O Psychology, Best-Selling Author, and John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Executive Coach. Her transformative coaching has propelled high-potential managers to C-suite roles within record timeframes.


Westin Pittsburgh

1000 Penn Ave,

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

A guaranteed room rate of $209 is reserved for conference attendees who book accommodations by July 19, 2024.

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