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Federico Crespo


Co-Founder & CEO

Federico Crespo

Federico built Valiot in response to decades of on-site manufacturing experience noticing that most of the world’s manufacturers produce with manual processes and inputs, human decision making, and low visibility throughout the whole value chain. Our team now continuously identifies pain points that affect industry decision-makers and addresses them with our patented AI Solutions. Adaptability, measurable KPIs, and ease of onboarding are our primary focus for our Customers.


Building Factory Efficiency through powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Smart manufacturing is a primary goal for most factory-based businesses, and implementing state-of-the-art digital technologies, such as Artificial intelligence, is a defining characteristic of this trend. Current Automation technologies in shop floor equipment alone cannot achieve this lofty goal. The challenge now is to predict scenarios and machine conditions at each step of the production line to increase efficiency, reduce the loss of energy and resources, and optimize current conditions without uprooting existing infrastructure or equipment.

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