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Hussain Ajwah

Saudi Aramco

Hussain Ajwah

Digital Transformation Engineer

Hussain is one of Aramco’s pioneering young engineers with various experience in Aramco refineries. Hussain and his team of engineers are spearheading the digital transformation program at Downstream Global Manufacturing. Serving as trusted consultants to more than six Aramco Refineries and 13 international Affiliates and Joint Ventures,

Hussain started his career as an electrical engineer in Yanbu Refinery and embarked on a quest to design and implement electrical and power systems projects. He then took the role of a project engineer, leading multiple digital transformation initiatives at Yanbu Refinery. His visionary approach and relentless drive resulted in Yanbu Refinery securing prestigious accolades, including the coveted Aramco Downstream Excellence Award.

Hussain was assigned the monumental responsibility of crafting the Downstream Global Manufacturing Roadmap for six Aramco refineries.. His contributions propelled Downstream Global Manufacturing to achieve a remarkable 4.8/5 rating in digital transformation maturity assessment.

Hussain was selected to harness his passion for venture capital to guide Aramco's investments in technology startups. His expertise proved invaluable in leading startup scouting activities and conducting meticulous technical and financial due diligence. Aramco soared to new heights through his discerning eye, forging strategic partnerships that fueled innovation and growth.


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