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Joshua Markham


Joshua Markham

Sr Manager, IoT Emerging Technologies

Joshua Markham has been a technical consultant for several industries spanning Manufacturing, Retail/Hospitality, Healthcare and Fortune energy companies for two decades. His technical designs have spanned the Industrial Internet of Things, Security, Workflow Automation as well as SCADA and AMI merging hardware, software, networking and cloud technologies.

Joshua’s MBA and time in Finance at Verizon have enabled him to help customers build new business cases for non-traditional machines such connected trash cans/compactors, connected artificial lifts, SCADA, AMI, Pipeline and well head monitoring. He has also consulted with major automobile manufactures for security around the connected car and Oil and Gas companies to encrypt radio communications to disrupt pirating efforts off of Africa

Currently, Joshua leads the Emerging Technology Consultants and IoT Developer Relations team for Verizon Wireless for the US. The Emerging Technologies team is focused on Mobile Edge Compute, Private 5G, Automation, IoT API Integrations and other near/new to market technologies.


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