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Kevin Kumpf


Chief OT / ICS Security Strategist

Kevin Kumpf

Kevin Kumpf has more than 20 years of IT security and compliance experience, including over 10 years of cybersecurity, governance and critical infrastructure experience working in the energy, medical, manufacturing, transportation and FedRAMP realms. Kevin’s past roles include Director of OT Security (N.A.) for Iberdrola, where he oversaw the security, and regulatory compliance of multiple OpCo’s, and Principal Security and Regulatory Lead for interactions with the NY and NE ISO’s, NERC, ISAC’s as well as state and federal entities. He has also worked internally and as a vendor/consultant at multiple healthcare and manufacturing entities to mitigate the threats they were under in relation to ransomware, insider threats and malware infestation. Today Kevin works as the OT Technical Lead at Cyolo.


Panel: Smart Manufacturing Supply Chains: Leveraging AI and ML for Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Moderator: Kevin Kumpf, OT/IT Cybersecurity Strategist, Cyolo

Panelists: Jan de Nijs, LM Fellow for Enterprise Digital Production, Lockheed Martin
Shameka Lewis, EHS Director, Kellogg's
Jenny Stenström, Site Digital & IT Lead, Frederick (MD) Manufacturing Center, AstraZeneca

The pane will explore the latest trends and best practices in using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to optimize manufacturing supply chains. Our panel of experts will discuss the potential benefits of these technologies, including improved efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

During the session, our panelists will share their experiences and insights into implementing AI and ML in manufacturing supply chains, including challenges, success stories, and lessons learned. They will discuss the key considerations for implementing these technologies, including data quality and security, skills and expertise, and collaboration between IT and operations teams.

Keynote Panel: Embracing the Digital Revolution: Transforming Industrial Control Systems

Moderator: Kevin Kumpf, OT/IT Cybersecurity Strategist, Cyolo


Roy Klann, Digital Transformation & Data Science Manager, Faurecia
Hussain Ajwah, Digital Transformation Engineer, Saudi Aramco
Susanne Lauda, Director, Global Advanced Manufacturing Technology, AGCO Corp.

The panel session on "Digital Transformation in Industrial Control Systems" brings together industry experts and thought leaders to explore the challenges, opportunities, and best practices associated with the integration of digital & AI technologies into industrial control systems. The session aimed to shed light on the evolving landscape of industrial control systems, the impact of digital transformation, AI, and strategies for organizations to successfully navigate this paradigm shift.

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