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Matt Brunton


Power & Utilities Solutions Architect

Matt Brunton

Matt has been in the Technology space since he graduated in 1994 with an Honors Degree in Computing (AI Stream). After a number of technical roles utilizing SCADA systems in Consumer Appliance manufacturing, he moved to high volume financial instruments in London, and then back to his passion designing integrated control systems for super yachts and high end houses. He is currently a specialist Solutions Architect helping customers in the Power & Utilities sector in Australia design large scale cloud based systems to improve efficiency, drive carbon out of the grid, and optimize systems for cost.


OT to Cloud: Challenges involved and the key benefits to transition

We will explore the factors involved in moving Operational Technology into the cloud focussing on the benefits of moving to the cloud. These include security, elasticity and visibility in addition to automation to allow effective control and response at scale.

All providing opportunities to enhance an organizations operations and economics. We will talk about learnings and strategies that large Electric Utility customers have used to control significant numbers of distributed resources and how Artificial Intelligence is becoming a crucial part of the equation. We will also explore strategies to move to the cloud along with crucial focus areas in order to maximize your ROI.

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