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Michael Melore


Sr Cyber Security Advisor

Michael Melore

Michael Melore, CISSP
IBM Public Sector Security Ambassador, Sr Cyber Security Advisor, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Author, frequent National public speaker and moderator, FBI InfraGard committeeman, and recognized subject matter expert in Security and Threat Intelligence, Identity Access Governance, and Authorization. Pioneer in Identity and Access Management, Access Governance, and Authentication. Past Consulting roles include: Lead architect for many of the world’s largest authentication and authorization infrastructures. This includes two of the 1st individual Billion user authentication infrastructures.
Founder/Moderator for 19 Nationwide (1400+ Security Executive Members) CISO/Security Leader Round Table Chapters across the US (aka SecRT).
Champion, host and evangelist of regularly scheduled cyber range threat simulation exercises, cyber training and education.


Impact of AI to Security

The joint speaker session will provide insight into AI’s impact to the current threat landscape and challenges, volumes of events, staffing shortages, expertise deficiencies, siloed security controls. Statistics will be shared from the recent Ponemon Institute’s Cost of a Data Breach 2022 study in attack vectors, response/organizational impact and costs attributed to various controls, remote workforces, and impact in cost and response times attributed to AI/Machine Learning etc.

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