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Samantha McPheter

eLynx Technologies

President & CEO

Samantha McPheter

Samantha joined eLynx in 2009 as a member of the customer support team. After working directly with customers to provide support and training for seven years, Sam then became the Chief Product Officer where she led the vision and execution of the eLynx platform. In early 2020 Sam was promoted to President and CEO.

Before joining eLynx, Sam worked with both military and commercial SCADA systems to utilize data for bulk fuel storage and distribution. Her experience in the SCADA industry has given her the opportunity to see it evolve and to understand how to leverage the technology in eLynx’s products. Sam holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

As CEO, Sam oversees all aspect of eLynx sales, product development, marketing, and operations. She is passionate about solving problems with customers and creating a work culture that encourages thinking of new and better ways to accomplish operational goals.


Modernize Your SCADA Without Replacing It

One of the most prominent issues we see facing the digital oilfield is that the industry’s reliance on legacy SCADA systems is holding us back from taking advantage of modern solutions to common operational problems.

Lease operators often receive over 50 alarm notifications in a single day. A large reason for that is due to shortcomings with traditional SCADA alarming. Why are we alarming the same way we did 20 years ago? No one wants to replace their SCADA system.

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