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Troy Johnson


Alaska SCADA & Automation Manager

Troy Johnson

Troy A. Johnson, P.E. is a proven technical professional providing ethical leadership, inspiring vision, and hands-on project execution and management. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Control Systems and holds an MBA with thirty years of experience in the commercial and technical aspects of automation, instrumentation, and process control. Troy has spent the last 15 years directly supporting Alaska Oil and Gas producers and operators.

Troy’s career has been providing project engineering, consulting, and system integration services to industrial and government markets. He has designed, configured, and installed software-based information and control systems that provide automatic control and optimization of discrete and continuous processes while acquiring, storing, and converting real time process data for use by operators, engineering and enterprise management information systems.

Mr. Johnson’s responsibilities typically include high value, cost conscious management and supervision of engineering, O&M, design, configuration & programming, subcontractors, 3rd party vendors, procurement, testing, installation/construction and commissioning of: Distributed Control Systems, PLC/Host computer systems, Data Acquisition / SCADA systems, IT / communication systems, field instrumentation, mechanical packages, and control panels/modules for industrial and government sectors. Troy is skilled at needs assessments & scope development, front end engineering and design (FEED), process safety / SIS, alarm management, OT/IT DMZ data exchange, and OT cybersecurity.

As the Alaska Automation Manager / SCADA Manager for Hilcorp, Mr. Johnson is responsible for SCADA and Industrial Automation & Control systems for Hilcorp Alaska oil & gas operations. He is responsible for industrial hardware and software maintenance of existing system as well as modernization, upgrades and new projects in the Cook Inlet offshore, Kenai Peninsula and on the North Slope at Milne Point, Endicott, NorthStar Island and Point Thomson. Troy leads the implementation and operation of OT Cybersecurity for Hilcorp Alaska assets in compliance with TSA critical infrastructure guidelines. He oversees the integrity and availability of process data to meet financial, state and federal regulatory and optimization requirements of the corporation.

Troy lives with his wife in Anchorage AK. They have two sons, both also engineers. He is an avid hunter and fisherman.


New hybrid roles Hilcorp has created to help their IT/OT convergence

IT/OT convergence means combining the physical world data of automation with the digital world of information technology. Breaking up information silos by combining IT and OT helps companies significantly boost their performance, productivity, safety, and sustainability. In addition to the technical connection of the two networks, human interaction plays an essential role in IT/OT convergence. Instead of working side by side, IT and OT departments must work together to break down existing silos and develop a changed mindset of employees in IT and OT that enables a company to continuously improve processes, products, and production.

At Hilcorp, one way we are expediting the mindset shift is by developing new hybrid roles that are filled with professionals that have traditional OT skillsets and stronger IT networking skills to more naturally bridge the divide.

Panel: Unlocking the Potential of OT & IT in Modern Manufacturing

Moderator: Ryan Legg, Digital Solutions Manager, ICONICS


Neil Reichel, Sr. IT Business Partner, Digital Transformation, AstraZeneca
James Ceart, IT Project Leader, American Woodmark
Debbie Lay, Senior Solutions Architect , TXOne Networks

The session will focus on the benefits and challenges of integrating Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) into modern manufacturing processes. The panelists will discuss the role of OT & IT in improving production efficiency, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall business performance.

They will also explore the latest trends and best practices in OT & IT system design, including the use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Additionally, the panelists will discuss the importance of cybersecurity in OT & iT systems and how to ensure the protection of critical assets and infrastructure.

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