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Mike Molnar




Federal Initiatives in Adoption of Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies promise to be the most powerful tools in generations for expanding knowledge, increasing prosperity, and enriching the human experience. These technologies will be the foundation of the innovation economy and a source of enormous power for countries that harness them. The federal government, through a series of Presidential Executive Orders (EO), legislation, and reports, has set an ambitious agenda to spur innovation and development while addressing concerns that the burgeoning technology could exacerbate bias, displace workers, and undermine national security.  One such Executive Order, EO 14110 on “Safe, Secure and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence,” outlines a whole-of-government initiative to address these challenges. The Department of Commerce has the primary responsibility to define standards for AI safety, security, and trust. 

This presentation will provide an overview of these federal activities, such as the new NIST AI Safety Institute, along with examples of federal AI research at NIST. In addition, this session will feature NIST’s plans to establish two new Manufacturing USA institutes – one on digital twins for semiconductor manufacturing and another on AI for resilient manufacturing. 

AI in manufacturing has high rewards and risks. Important real-world impacts can come from figuring out how to employ existing AI algorithms and systems to manufacturing and developing new AI tools and technologies for manufacturing operations.  Adoption challenges include harnessing data, hardening and packaging algorithms, and adapting AI software to legacy equipment. However, AI’s reward can transform productivity, efficiency, and adaptability in manufacturing. An industry-led consortium approach is essential. The AI for Resilient Manufacturing Institute will be the 19th institute in the Manufacturing USA program, created by Congress in 2014 and now celebrating its 10th anniversary. 

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