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Jennifer Danielowicz

Jennifer Danielowicz

ICS Cybersecurity Architect
Jennifer Danielowicz

Jennifer (JD) Danielowicz is a full-time ICS Cybersecurity Evangelist and Information Security Professional who is passionate and extremely committed to helping grow and promote others interested in anything technical or security related. Qualifications include CISSP and CISA designations, with over 20 years of experience in the creation and deployment of solutions protecting networks, systems and information assets for highly regulated companies. Her current role as the ICS Cybersecurity Architect allows her to speak both IT and OT, allowing her to act as a liaison between business units around the globe.
JD hosts a monthly Women in IT Security meeting she created in October 2020. Her virtual attendees come from around the globe, and she uses this forum to showcase up and coming men and women through guest presentations to continue to grow the talent pipeline. JD is also an active United Way of Greater Houston volunteer, leading the annual Elf Toy Drive which collected and distributed over $31K USD in donated toys to 13 different agencies last year, ultimately reaching over 20K children in need in her community. Most recently, JD was designated an ExxonMobil IT Fellow in June 2022. She is one of 48 IT Fellows from a pool of ~4700 ExxonMobil IT employees worldwide. An IT Fellow is a trusted Senior Technical Leader who serves as an Advisor to Senior Management, is a subject-matter expert both inside and outside of the company, who mentors others and drives strategies for broad and cross-functional areas across the corporation.
Fun Fact: JD first went to college out of high school to be an elementary school teacher but decided after her first internship that wasn’t her cup of tea. She went back in 2016 and in December 2017, she graduated Summa Cum Laude (3.94 GPA) with a BAAS in IT. And all this was done while working full time in the office and at home as a wife and mom of two.


Bridging the Gap: The Convergence of IT & OT in Critical Infrastructure

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