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Factories of the Future Track

The Holistic Effort of Academia and Industry in Driving AI Technology within the Manufacturing Sector

Konrad Konarski, Chairman and Trustee • AI Innovation Consortium

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: From Roadblocks and Pitfalls to
Strategy and Roadmap

Jesus Ruvalcaba, Manufacturing & Business Intelligence Developer • American Woodmark Corp.

Future of AI in Additive Manufacturing

Leila Ladani, Professor and Director • Arizona State University, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Cyber Security Track

Cyber AI: An Immune System for OT & IT

Jeff Cornelius, EVP, Cyber Physical Security SolutionsDarktrace

Predictive Maintenance & Quality Control Track

Improving the Quality Control Process

Ying Fei, Product Manager • Google 

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: Case Studies on Predictive Maintenance and Predictive Quality

Mo Abuali, Managing Partner • IoTco
Isaac Bennett, CIO and Digital Transformation Director • Detroit Manufacturing Systems (DMS)

Predictive Maintenance with Measurable ROI and Minimal Risk

Tom Craven, IIoT Consultant • New Directions Automation, LLC

Strategies & Solutions Track

Manufacturing the Future: How to Add Edge to the Build

Todd Gurela, Senior Director, Manufacturing IoT • Cisco

Evolving IIoT Implementations Through Practical AI Solutions

David Austin, Senior Principal Engineer • Intel Corporation

Leveraging AR to Bridge the Industrial Training Gap

Dr. Luke Durcan, Director EcoStruxture • Schneider Electric

Machine Learning Track

Machine Learning Approaches to Set Up an AI-Based Robotic Manufacturing Control System

Arnie Kravitz, Chief Technology Officer • Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM)

Machine Learning for Materials Discovery

Alex van Grootel, Data Scientist • Citrine Informatics


AI Integration Track

Making AI Work for Manufacturers

Dave Skrobela, Managing Director/Client Partner • Earley Information Science (EIS)

Chantal Schweizer, Principal Product Taxonomist • Earley Information Science (EIS)

Build Your Business Case for AI

Zeydy Ortiz, Ph. D.CEO & Chief Data Scientist • DataCrunch Lab, LLC
Rob Montalvo Co-Founders • DataCrunch Lab

AI Challenges in Cyber Manufacturing

Mahyar Asadi, Manager of Advanced Engineering Services • Applus Canada

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